Welcome to the V&K Cosmetic press office - we really appreciate your visit.

If you don’t know us yet: we are the Polish distributor of high-quality hand and foot cosmetics, manufacturer of revolutionary LART Gel Polish (www.lartnails.com), and the Exclusive distributor of SNS Nails Polska and Footlogix – a line of cosmeceuticals for professional skin care.

Our philosophy can be described as multi-dimensioned professionalism – both in terms of our products and services. Our team members continuously train, hone their skills, and increase their knowledge. This website is meant to be a medium through which we wish to share this knowledge with you. Here you will find practical tips, inspiration, information about our new products, and future plans – everything that your reader might find interesting.

If you have any questions or if you’re looking for interesting materials, feel free to contact our PR & Marketing Manager:

Natalia Czyrny
PR & Marketing Manager
E-mail: marketing@vkcosmetic.pl

Our media experts will also gladly answer your questions:


Violetta Mrowiec

Co-Owner & CEO V&K Cosmetic

Violetta Mrowiec opened her first salon in 2000. Despite receiving an education in Economics and not Cosmetology, she quickly realized that she wants to dedicate her life to beauty. Since the beginning of her operation Violetta set her mind on promoting hand and foot care, because she believes that well-cared for hands are a woman’s trademark. She provides information on business in the cosmetic industry, company’s sales results, and future plans for the company.


Joanna Golec

Business Development Manager

Manager of the V&K Cosmetic brand. Joanna, who’s been with the company from the beginning, coordinates and takes active role in introducing new products onto the market. She is responsible for contacting both Polish and European Customers. Joanna provides information on business in the cosmetics industry, future plans for the company in Poland and Europe, product distribution, and company’s sales results.


Natalia Czyrny

PR & Marketing Manager

As a PR & Marketing Manager of V&K Cosmetic Natalia is responsible for branding and communication strategy of V&K Cosmetic, as well as for particular brands in the company’s portfolio. She takes care of strategic marketing and public relations. Natalia will answer all questions related to brands’ marketing strategy and to product development strategy.


Justyna Dunat

Stylist, V&K Cosmetic Trainer

V&K Cosmetic trainer and a manicure stylist with long experience, Justyna knows everything there is to know about Lart products and manicure methods in general. She knows the contents of the products and is able to explain the effects of any particular ingredient. Justyna is also responsible for conducting trainings in nail stylization. Being a true specialist and a prominent practitioner, she keeps expanding her knowledge through workshops and trainings. Justyna will answer all questions concerning product ingredients and their properties.


Karina Makuch

Stylist, V&K Cosmetic Trainer

Karina is a V&K Cosmetic trainer and a manicure stylist with many years of experience. She carefully follows trends in manicure and has extensive knowledge regarding novelties and hottest colors of the season. Karina will not only provide information on nail stylization trends, but will also demonstrate how to do a fashionable manicure and will prepare original, uncommon color mixes and stylizations.

If you need any V&K Cosmetic graphics, you will find them here:


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