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We invite you to the inspiring world of LART, the world of innovative titanium and gel polish manicure products owned by V&K Cosmetic.

LART is a leader in the titanium manicure industry. Did you know that we were the creators of this name, and we introduced the method itself to salons and we are developing it to this day?

We focus on innovative solutions and high-quality products for titanium manicure, gel polish manicure, but also for hand and foot care. In our store you will also find accessories that will support your daily work.

In addition to observing trends in the beauty industry, we set them through a comprehensive approach to creating our LART brand, which was created out of love for beauty and nail styling. This is our answer to the needs of professional nail stylists. We provide the most innovative products, participate in the largest international trade fairs, cooperate with talented stylists and thousands of salons all over Poland. Every year, we go for more!

There are things important and more important! LART is primarily people with passion and a head full of ideas, for whom development is the greatest value. "Whoever does not go forward, he stands still" - we know it very well, so we do not slow down and do not rest on our laurels. We participate in numerous workshops ourselves, the knowledge of which we use every day in our work. 

Additionally, thanks to the team of professionals with whom we cooperate, we share our knowledge by organizing workshops and webinars. In this way, we effectively help in developing your business.

Titanium manicure - dipping system

We are the undisputed leader in titanium manicure. We launched two product lines for the dipping system: Pro and Supreme

The LART Supreme system is the only such one-step system for performing titanium manicure. It is definitely easier than the LART Pro, which is why it is great at the beginning of work in the field of titanium manicure. In this method, we only work with one liquid preparation, not three. In addition, the powders have been enriched with a special quick-drying technology, thanks to which you can create a titanium manicure in even 60 minutes! Pretty quick, right? All products are vegan and have dermatological safety certificates. Thanks to that you work without worries!

By choosing LART Supreme, you are under the constant, unlimited care of our trainers, you have access to the widest offer of high-quality training, technical training and decoration training on the market - both stationary and online, and you can use online marketing materials that we provide for free! In addition, you can choose from many beautiful, perfectly pigmented colors in 2 sizes (14 g and 28 g).

If you are an experienced nail stylist, you have your own salon and you are thinking about developing yourself and your business, choose LART Pro and become our business partner! This is a line for experts in nail styling, and its key word is, above all, DEVELOPMENT!

In LART Pro you work on 3 liquid preparations with unique compositions, confirmed by dermatological certificates! With us, you are under the constant, unlimited care of trainers, you get marketing support for FREE, access to LART ACADEMY - the only online meetings in Poland for titanium manicure stylists, where we talk about technical issues and a lot of free online knowledge!

With LART Pro you can join the group of prestigious business partners and become an authorized salon, taking advantage of many benefits - both marketing and sales. If you want even more, you can become a LART instructor and take your business and your skills to the highest possible level! 

Visit our official website and find out more: LART Official Website

Gel polish manicure

In the range of our products you will also find those for gel polish manicure: bases, tops, varnishes, cleaners, removers, acetone, as well as accessories facilitating everyday work, e.g. lamps, milling machines and brushes for making decorations.

We have divided our gel polish varnishes into collections, thanks to which you can easily find all the colors that interest you. The color palette includes pastel, neon, nude shades, but also glitters that will allow you to shine every day. 

Thanks to LART, you can feel safe, because you will find, among others, natural ingredients such as mica and silica. They do not contain parabens, toluene and DPB, are not tested on animals, and contain no ingredients of animal origin. 

Lotions and hand creams from LART

We respond to the needs of our customers, hence the offer also includes hand lotions in three versions: Orange & Cinnamon, Grape and Lemongrass. They contain as much as 20% Shea butter, which is perfect for everyday hand care. Practical packaging with a pump allows for proper dosing of the product and increases its efficiency. In addition to lotions, in our store you will find Very Raspberry hand cream in a handy 50 ml tube. It will easily fit in your favorite purse, and you will have care at your fingertips. 

Footlogix - beautiful feet every day

Our assortment also includes pedicures that support the daily care of the feet. We focus on professionals, which is why we chose the Footlogix brand for cooperation. The cosmetics of this brand help fight the problem of dry, cracked heels, onychomycosis, and also support the treatment of inflammation in diabetics. Footlogix uses the Dermal Infusion technology, which is responsible for the penetration of ingredients through the horny layer of the epidermis. This is how they work most effectively. We offer foot scrubs and very efficient mousses that will ensure proper hydration of the feet. The products are used in many professional podiatry offices. 

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